Sziget festival 2013 –circus venue

2 July 2013

CirkuSzínház Production is preparing for the Sziget festival. We are working on the organization of the circus venue and will be present with exciting shows.

Everyday at 6pm we feature a hilarious show, just before the party starts and people loose themselves all around the festival, come and watch Cocktail Circus Sziget Special. Funny, a bit burlesky, bit comtemporary varieté will be there for you with handstand, acrobatics in the air and on the ground, jugglers manipulating with hats, balls and diabolo. A show with humour and comical situation á la mediterranian style.         

At 11.15pm you can be amazed by the FIRE TIME spectacle. On the first two days Asolar Juggling Group, then from Friday Magma Firetheatre will be present with fire creations and costumes. 

Do not miss it!